I wish this wasn’t so. I wish there was some other way, but it seems like the upcoming PlayStation VR game Star Child has been delayed. Those that pre-ordered received notice today that their pre-orders have been canceled and that the Publisher has notified PlayStation that the game has been canceled and the pre-order page has already been taken down.

If you do a search for Star Child in the PlayStation Store, you will only be directed to the PlayStation VR Demo Disc 2, which does have the demo of Star Child on there and it seems that is the only way we will ever get to experience Star Child…unless there is some Christmas miracle.

*** Update: It seems that Star Child is still in development. So instead of not having a firm date for those that pre-ordered, they just canceled the pre-orders and took down the pre-order page until further notice. This just means more time to get everything just perfect. So I guess Christmas miracles can happen. ***