Dark Eclipse the world’s first VR MOBA is about to get a sweet update that will include new levels of play including Rank Mode, as well as new characters.  So what’s in the update? Check it out?

  • Any player owning at least two Heroes and four Dominators can challenge others in the new Ranked Mode and battle their ways towards unlocking a premium hand-skin exclusive to those achieving the Gold ranking or above.

New Characters include:

  • Destrophe – A powerful tank Dominator that passively increases its attack power and can use its ability to damage and stun enemies from afar.

Destrophe - Tank Dominator


Dosmelda – An assassin Dominator that can confuse and hinder enemies with its high mobility, warping instantly to an enemy to attack, and just as quickly withdrawing.

Dosmelda - Assassin Dominator


Zahina – A carry Hero with the skill to heal her allies and damage enemies with an area of effect, making her close to invincible while active.

Zahina - New Hero.png


This is actually a pretty awesome update. Dark Eclipse is available now for PlayStation VR and is FREE.

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In case you missed the trailer…please enjoy…