We’ve all heard the news by now. For the first time in 24 years, PlayStation will NOT be at E3 in 2019. Shocking news? Definitely. The craziest thing? A random Reddit user called his shot.. on Wednesday. Who is the person and what do they know about the future plans for PlayStation? Brah. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Now the same Reddit User who leaked today’s big announcement yesterday is apparently either gone crazy or knows all kinds of juicy information as they’re now going to town on the PlayStation 5!

Where to start?? /RuthenicCookie started to unload a mammoth amount of information on the original post where he announced that Sony would no-show E3 2019. HERE. WE. GO!

RUMOR! Treat this information as 100% fake until proven otherwise!

  • A small reveal of the PS5 in mid-2019. Similar to the PS4 unveiling.
  • A full blowout late 2019 at PSX.
  • Sony ‘blew their load’ this year and want to save any new games for their events.
  • Apparently the PS5 will be a beast. “4K/60FPS at the same time kinda monster.”
  • Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, and Ghost of Tsushima will all be cross-gen.
  • Even dabbled with PSVR 2 rumors. New camera. Camera in DualShock 5(?). New Move Controllers. NO breakout box. Built-in to PS5.
  • ‘Most’ devs have PS5 dev kits. Apparently Bioware’s Anthem is running great on it, but is a mess on the PS4. Looking to get delayed.
  • March or November 2020 release date for the PS5.

Jason Schreier of Kotaku has said that everyone he has talked to in regards to the PS5 has said 2020. We also strongly believe it won’t release until 2020. With next year being the 25th anniversary of PlayStation, this could all very well happen. We already know Xbox Scarlet is a thing, so why not PlayStation V(ictory)??

What do you think, Brah? Is Mr. Cookie full of crap or did we get a HUGE dose of PS5 truthiness today? Let us know in the comments below!!!