The Evidence: Bluehole’s Founder talked about bringing it to the PS4 back in September 2017. The Korean Ratings board leaked it. There was a PS4 Pro at Bluehole, Inc. Now an entirely new set of PUBG PS4 leaks have appeared, this time courtesy of a PSN Profile who leaked the two images below that are currently ‘on’ the PS4 Game database.

If that wasn’t enough, Game Industry analyst ZhugeEX confirmed over at ResetEra that’ll hit the PS4 in December and that it could very well be one of those ‘available now!’ announcements at The Game Awards 2018.

Now has chimed in, saying that this news is true. So what more of a confirmation do we need?

So what do you think, Brah? Too little, too late on the PS4? Are you interested in playing PUBG on the PS4? Let us know in the comments below!