Alright, boys and girls and children of all ages. You thought you could handle it. You thought you were ready. You are not ready for this. It seems the excellent team over at Firesprite feels that you are worthy for even more. So the question is what are we getting? If you played The Persistence you already know the horror. But when you could not beg no more, the team is giving you the following four new modes.

  • FIRST BLOOD: get ready for a stealth-based challenge mode where escaping may not be as easy as you think. Your only weapon will be a Peacekeeper knife to handle what’s around you. Will you be able to make your way to the escape pod?
  • PERMADEATH: Interesting name isn’t it? I mean only the strong will attempt a mode that gives you only one chance through the entire campaign. No checkpoints, no save points. Just like in life, here you only have a single life to make it through. But like in life you will have an opportunity to get to the Deck Porters for any recovery you may need and in case you feel like you need to upgrade or buy more gear. But remember that a true warrior will complete this with the original weapon that was given to them. So upgrade if you must…if you want to be that one to do so.
  • GLASS CANNON: In this mode, it’s just you and 24 rooms to get through. Chose your gun at the start of each attempt (in case your choice is not the best for that attempt) and don’t worry about ammo as you will not run out. Sounds easy right. Let’s through in no health pickups, only one hit point, and for the horror aspect, once you enter a room all the doors will lock and you will be attacked by mutants. But you got this…don’t you?
  • CAMPAIGN+: Did you make it through the campaign? Good because as a reward you get to keep all your upgrades and gear, but take the hardest difficulty and blend that for the Ultra Hardcore Difficulty. Then we will take away SuperSense so you cannot spot enemies hiding and we will throw in a Bloodhound to follow you around. But on the bright side, there will be all-new character upgrade levels and Platinum rarity gear items to help you along the way. Not like your going ot make it, but might as well give you some hope.

I know what you are thinking. This is awesome. Well, Firesprite wants to be even more awesome with these Assist Mode features:

  • Game speed that slows down the game speed to assist players with less ability to react quickly.
  • Reduce damage taken to help you survive longer.
  • Infinite teleportation so you can get around more quickly so you don’t need to depend on the Sticks.
  • Infinite ammo to not have to worry and just go have fun.
  • Every enemy is tagged so you can see what is coming or hiding for that matter.
  • An Auto shield that will automatically deploy the shield and reduce the need for fast reactions.
    Damage. Reduce the damage taken to help survive longer.
    Infinite teleport. Get around more quickly with less reliance on the Sticks.
    Infinite ammo. Ideal for players with less ability to aim with their head.
    All enemies ‘tagged’. See enemies through walls at all times, to reduce the need for quick reactions.
    Auto shield. Automatically deploy the shield reducing the need for fast twitch reactions.
  • Assistance For Hearing Impaired Gamers
    For hearing impaired gamers there are several features to make the game more inclusive, most notably, the visual representation of key audio events. A lot of the strategy incomes from hearing where the danger is and reacting to it, so displaying this information on screen gives that vital communication to all players.

Also, don’t forget that there is the companion app that you can install here…



Honestly, this is awesome. Get ready for the FREE update coming out on October 18, 2018. If you missed it, please check out the review.

If you missed the trailer…please enjoy…