THE KAZ teased the Gran Turismo Sport September Update on Monday, as he promised us 9 new cars for PlayStation’s mammoth racing franchise.

Here we go! All the details you’ll ever need:

The 9 new cars are as followed:

  • Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2 Carrozzata Da Zagato CN AR750106 1965 model
  • BMW M3 GT BMW Motorsport 2011
  • Dodge Viper SRT10 COUPE 2006
  • Honda NSX Type R 1992
  • Nissan Fairlady Z 300ZX Twin Turbo 2seater 1989
  • Mazda RX500 1970
  • Plymouth XNR Ghia Roadster 1960
  • Porsche 911 GT3 2001
  • Porsche 911 GT3 2008

New track:

  • Fuji Speedway

New GT League Events:

  • N/A at this moment. Will update ASAP.


Here’s the official change log for this 3.7GB Update, courtesy of Polyphony Digital:

1. Nine new car models.

2. The Fuji International Speedway, one of Japan’s fastest tracks, makes its debut. Most races are run in the F configuration, but there is also a GT shortcut layout, which is included in the game.

3. The following three events will be added to GT League:

■ The Passion of Dr. Wankel (Beginner League)

This special event features popular cars powered by rotary engines, also known as the Wankel, named after its creator.

■ Real Circuit Tours (Amateur League)

This race race series features non-racecars with 400ps or less on existing real world circuits.

■ Group 1 Cup (Professional League)

The Group 1 Champion match is a high-speed battle with cars equipped with cutting edge technology and aerodynamics.

Also, new rounds have been added to the following events: Stars & Stripes (Beginner’s League), J Sport Meeting (Amateur League), Mercedes AMG Grand Prix (Professional League), and the Gr.3 Endurance Series (Endurance League).

4. Even more features.


“Fuji Speedway” will be added to the special featured section.


“Red Bull Ring” will be added to the “Circuit Experience.”

There will be various other features, improvements and fixes implemented in this update. Please enjoy the continuing evolution of Gran Turismo Sport.

Enjoy this trailer showing off all those beautiful new cars and the Fuji Speedway!!