Even after being delayed until Early 2019, PlayStation and Bend Studio have done a great job of keep a steady stream of Days Gone media to keep fans hyped for the game.

A Game Informer cover story. Multiple trailers. Demo at E3 2018 that we went Hands-on with. Now this piece of key art, featuring Deacon St. John, some dead dudes, and a freakin’ ton of Freakers.

Bad. Ass. Brah! Does a great job showcasing what the game is all about. If rival gangs don’t want you need, Freakers want to rip you to pieces. If that’s not enough, cougars, bears, and crows want you for lunch. Just like Bend Studio said, The World is coming for you. Good luck surviving, Brah.

Days Gone. February 22nd, 2019. Are you freagin’ ready?!