With Genesis Alpha One set to release January 2019 by indie developer Radiation Blue I thought now would be a good time to think about some of my favorite games set in space. If you haven’t heard of Genesis Alpha One you can check out my article on the game here Genesis Alpha One

As always remember this is just a take on some of my favorite games. This list includes all games available on consoles and no I have never played Halo.

Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime

You can say whatever you want about this game but I have spent hours playing this game with my son. Developed by Asteroid Base released on February 9, 2016 Lovers in a dangerous spacetime can be played alone or with up to four players. Each player is responsible for a station within the ship and that is where the trouble ensues. Once things start to go awry and trust me they will, chaos will take over. Your spaceship isn’t the most durable thing out there and you must upgrade it with weapons in order to keep enemies and objects from destroying it. The object is to save these creatures and advance to the next level all while maneuvering this clunky ship around obstacles. Good luck though because if you or your friend doesn’t get to that turret in a hurry, its game over.

Dead Space

When it comes to horror space games the one we was given back in 2008 by Visceral Games was a gem. The game was such a hit that it spawned sequel after sequel and even a couple films. The game brought fear right into your home as you watch your health meter on the back of your spine slowly go away. The constant threat of something awful being in the next room is chilling and keeps you on your toes. With excellent gunplay and being able to pick things up with ‘Kinesis’ you have a full-fledged sci-fi space game on your hands. Did the tools provided always help you survive? Nope, but that’s what is great about this game as you fight off terrifying undead foes or crazed nut cases. If you don’t believe me about this game go check out all the awards it won.

No Man’s Sky

Hello there! Day one guy right here. Released in August of 2016 Hello Games gave us a crazy space exploration game. Now granted it wasn’t what we all thought it would look like when it released but boy oh boy was it vast. With its procedurally generated planets and animals No Man’s Sky really did give us space exploration the way it should be. You can hop around from planet to planet discovering or harvesting. Feel like you need a change of scenery all you have to do is hop in your space ship and head over to the nearby galaxy. With space pirates and space stations mixed in you always felt like there was something to do. I played this game for countless of hours and had a blast. I recently went back in and the game has changed so much visually and mechanically that it was overwhelming. Hello Games to me fulfilled their promise and finally brought us the game they intended to release with the No Man’s Sky Next update, even if a lot of us thought they delivered from day one.


The franchise that keeps on living. Doom was brought back to life in May 2016 and man did they create a banger. As far as story goes in Doom I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You get a little here and there but the real highlight of this game is the gore and weapons. If you want you can even glory kill in the game which consists of you snatching a demons head off or smashing it in with you fist. The game is brutal and the combat is fast paced. Don’t feel like fighting demons for a little while? That’s okay because you can head online and play the multiplayer as well. Be warned though, other players can become a demon and turn the tables around on you! I have had so much fun watching players run and scream as I chased them around with a demon. Seriously it is a delight. A sequel has been planned and if you haven’t played this one yet I highly suggest giving it a go.

Alien Isolation

If you want a survival horror game set in space then this is your game. Released in October 2014 this game has made its rounds. This single player adaption of the Alien universe requires nerves of steel to play. You must possess a skill of stealth like none ever seen before in a game. Okay maybe that’s a little much but when the Xenomorph bursts out of nowhere you quickly realize why you need to keep your ass as quiet as possible. As this thing stalks you around the ship you’re constantly in fear. There is no defeating the Alien, there is only survival. You can track it down with the motion tracker and watch the pulse as it slowly creeps closer to you but that does little other than showing you where you might get eaten from. Throughout the game you can get a few weapons, the flamethrower seems to work in a pinch but the mainstay will always be to evade. If it finds you chances are that it kills you. As you play the game you will run into other characters and even human enemies to combat but the star of this show is the Alien. There is something incredibly terrifying about watching this Alien stalk you as you hide on the other side of the counter. Pick up a copy if you haven’t already and see if you can make it off the ship without getting your ass shredded into pieces. Good luck!

What space game do you prefer? Horror? Survival? Or just exploration.

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