They said it would not last. They said it was just a fad. For those that have said this I just have one thing to say…thank you. Thank you for allowing the believers…the early adopters…the VR enthusiasts to prove what we knew all along and to be able to enjoy the next level of gaming. This is truly a milestone and it’s not stopping. So get ready for two impressive games coming out soon:

First, we have Creed: Rise To Glory coming out on September 25th, 2018

And then on October 9th, 2018, we have Evasion.

Along with these releases come some discounts to help celebrate. We have Bow To Blood coming out on August 28th and you can pre-order now with a 20% discount.

And also on August 28th, we have Torn and you can pre-order it now with a 15% discount.

But the deals don’t stop! You can get deals on some pretty awesome PlayStation VR games NOW!!!

As I mentioned it is not stopping. PlayStation VR is not going anywhere and is going to continue to grow. So to the over 21…

games sold, thank you for the support you give. Thank you to the Developers and Publishers. And thank you to the dreamers and chance takers. Here is to the next 3 million!