Well, it looks like Cherry Pop Games is continuing the update of Football Nation VR Tournament 2018 and this is a very good thing. Not only does it show that they do care and listen to their fans, but updates can add new elements to the game. So what is in the update…let’s find out:

  • Striker Mode – This all new mode allows you to live out that penalty shoot-out dream. Go against the AI or prove you are the best against the online players out there.
  • Custom Teams
  • Select Your Difficulty Mode – Do you want, easy, medium or hard when playing against the AI?
  • Updated Controls
  • A new face to ball/goal button
  • New Star Moments Feature – become partially immune from your ball being stolen, but beware that this can only be used once per match.

Football Nation VR Tournament 2018 is out now and make sure to check out the review.

In case you missed it…enjoy the trailer…