Back in May, it was announced that Gungrave VR would be coming to PlayStation VR, but now we have even more information. Gungrave VR will be able to be ordered through the PSN Store and will cost $29.99. This price gets you episode 1, with episode 2 being a separate download for $14.99, but you do not have to play episode 1 in order to play episode 2 so there is that option. There is, however, another option, which seems to be a little cheaper and what is a very nice surprise for you physical copy collectors out there. There will be a physical edition that is being labeled as ‘The Limited Coffin’ edition. For $39.99 (saving you $5.00) you get the game, DLC, and three additional levels. So ultimately making this the definitive edition. So will you be going digital or physical when Gungrave VR comes to PlayStation VR?