For those of you Detroit: Become Human fans who have been trying to get 100% on every flowchart, you might have run into some issues. No matter what, some nodes would simply not unlock. If you’ve been encountering this annoying problem, you are in luck, as this 200MB update solves these problems!

Update 1.06 will now allow all of you completionist to achieve that truly perfect run. Reddit user HorseySeven goes into detail regarding what exactly was fixed in Update 1.06!

For Fugitives, there was a node that was left locked. In the supermarket, when you threaten the cashier, and he pulls his gun out on you, there was supposedly a third option, but only two were ever shown. The node has been removed from the flowchart.

For On the Run, there was a node just outside of the grouping where Connor Investigates the Squat. No one ever found what node it was, and it was deemed a glitch. That node has also been removed from the flowchart. For Battle for Detroit – Kara – Leaving Detroit, there was one node in the grouping “Avoid Temperature Check”, which was never found, and was deemed a glitch. That node has been removed from the flowchart as well

There you have it! Now you can truly complete the game! Or do like The Brah did.. achieve literally the WORST endings and become extremely pissed with the game. The choice is yours.

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