Do you know Visage? Whether it is a yes or no only one thing matters. This game looks and feels like a horror delight. You walk around in first person searching for clues in what appears to be an empty house, quite like P.T. From all the footage I have watched on the game it is going to be a dark one with creepy sounds echoing to keep you on edge. Everything about this screams suspense. Be prepared to feel the hairs on you neck stand up.

Visage was a Kickstarter and it didn’t take long for it to get funded. Developed by SadSquare Studios the game is dated to come out sometime in 2018 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The cool thing about Visage is the Devs say the game was influenced by P.T. and that it’s not about jump scares. You can see what they said about it here (Devs talk about Visage ). Yikes…what exactly will our eyes bare witness to in the dark rooms? I scared myself, give me a moment.

I hope we get a release date for Visage soon as it made the top of my list for top 5 upcoming indie games.Check out that list here upcoming. I admit I’ll always be a horror game fan. From walking the blood stained hallways of ResidentEvil 2 to having a mental breakdown in Soma. There is just something about a good scare.

You can also check out the trailer for Visage below.

What do you think about Visage? Are you willing to walk the creepy hallways? Let us know in the comments below.