You can go ahead and admit it: Ghost of Tsushima from Sucker Punch Productions looks STUNNING! From the original PGW 2017 reveal trailer to the E3 2018 Gameplay reveal, GoT looks to establish Sucker Punch as one of the “big boys” of PlayStation the same way Horizon Zero Dawn did with Guerrilla Games.

For those of you who don’t know, the game is based on the Mongol invasion of the Japanese island Tsushima during 1274. Yes, the game is based on actual historical events. That isn’t going to stop the team from making a fantastic game, so the game won’t be 100% accurate.

In an interview with Gamespot, Chris Zimmerman, Sucker Punch co-founder and programmer talked about how the game will balance ‘fact vs fiction’.

The way I think about it is: we’re going to deviate from historical truth, we just want to do it intentionally. A lot of the support we get from our friends from Sony in Japan, and our Japanese friends in Sony US, and all the cultural consultants we’ve assembled to help us do this stuff, is to make sure we don’t deviate accidentally. There are things we are going to do that are different and we want to choose those wisely.

There are places where we’re really pretty true, right? Like if we’re putting birds in the game, they’re Japanese birds. Brad Meyer, our sound lead, took a trip to Japan to capture the actual sounds of things in nature… It’s an awesome game to work on because it lets us do this cool stuff. So, stuff like that is going to be perfect, like the statues that you see in the temple, in the demo, those are actual 13th-century statues.

And then there are things where, well, there’s some stuff where the consultants help us not make mistakes. If anyone asked that question, I probably gave the example of us rewriting that scene, with Jin and Masako, when they meet. Originally we wrote it as, “Hello, Jin.” Ryuhei, our producer, said, “Yeah, Japanese people don’t say that. She would just say, ‘Jin.'” Little stuff like that, just to make sure that if you’re a Japanese speaker or if you’re Japanese, you don’t snag on stuff.

Here’s something that kind of surprised me. The biggest change will be with the Samurai armor. The badass armor I’ve always admired is from the later years of Japan’s history.

If you have an idea about what samurai look like or how they act or how they think we’re going to give that to you. Most people’s idea is really based on an idea of samurai which is really more of a 16th-, 17th-, 18th-century idea of samurai; 13th century, historically, is pretty different. In terms of how they fought, what they wore, it doesn’t match your expectations.

So we’re not sticking exactly to the historical truth of Kamakura-era samurai. It’s gonna be a little different. The armor that you see him wear, it’s not 13th century armor. It’s more warring states period armor. Because, honestly, the 13th century armor is pretty jarring looking, it’s not what you’d expect. It’s really boxy. It doesn’t look aspirational. And we wanna make sure that what we give you is your fantasy of what being a wandering samurai is.

PRE-ORDER CANCELED!!!! Look, I’ll talk differences like Chris stated above. If they suddenly had.. let’s say, GIANT ENEMY CRABS, I might have something to say. But all of this? We’re good. SO GOOD.

Ghost of Tsushima doesn’t have a release date as of yet. Dreaming of a late 2019 release.

If you need some behind-the-scenes information regarding the game, watch the PSX 2017 GoT panel.