I have made my infatuation with pixel games known. Dead Static Drive, Death’s Gambit and The Last Night to name a few. It would be a fair question to ask why or how I became such a fan of these games but unfortunately it’s not a simple question to answer. Well…at least not for this crazed indie fan. See for a long time I didn’t even realize I was a big fan. Did I play pixel games? Yes. Did I enjoy them? Yes, but I always thought it was my desire to play indie titles. This was not the case. The truth is I love so many things about the games. How awesome the details can look. How simple the design can be. How some of these games were designed by one person. The incredible music that plays in the background like a symphony explaining an intense moment. I could go on and on but you can get a little bit more insight by reading The art of the pixel. Now on with the show!


Developed by Eneme Entertainment

Published by Devolver Digital

You play as a shield maiden who must go on a perilous journey after her destiny is changed by the god Loki. This indie title has my pixels in an uproar let me tell you. As I watch her sword swing in motion it hacks away at it’s enemies and I cannot help but get excited. Each scene plays out in darkness but well crafted areas. The bad guys look massive and formidable and even the spiked fences in the game stand out.

You should also pay attention to the sound effects as this developer clearly got to work in that department. I honestly could listen to the Nordic music in the gameplay trailer on repeat. Eitr is set to release in 2018. Hopefully we will get a set date soon. You can watch the glorious gameplay trailer below.

What do you think of Eitr? Will it be pixel greatness? Or is this indie fan overreacting?

Let us know in the comment section below.