PlayStation sure has found some interesting ways to advertise God of War. First we had the Halftime marching band musical at the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl. Then there was the halftime takeover during the Warriors-Spurs game where a specially designed video was projected onto the court floor.

NOW Kratos is taking over this weekend’s episode of Family Guy, as PlayStation and God of War will be the show’s sole sponsor during the newest episode. As a result, it will be completely commercial free thanks to our favorite Dad of War.

A 60-second God of War ad titled “Arrow” will run twice – before and after the show. It’ll be interesting to see if the commercial shows any new footage for us fans to go crazy over. Below is a teaser image of what will be shown to millions of TV viewers.

In an interview with Adweek, Asad Qizilbash, VP of marketing for PlayStation, talked about this unique opportunity to advertise their highly anticipated PS4 exclusive.

This format, verses buying a 30-second ad unit, is appealing as it creates an event feel and offers a more unique approach on how we reach existing and new fans. The more we are able to eventize media buys, the bigger impact we see to present PlayStation as a leader in gaming content.

When we evaluate media partner opportunities, we look at three things: the right audience alignment, the right time—proximity to launch—and strength and reach of our distinguished partners. Family Guy checked all the boxes.

Brah!!! The release date is getting CLOSER AND CLOSER!! April 20!! Expect more articles similar to this as the Big Day marches closer.